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We adore our classic Boudoir Bombshell sessions - they are the heart & soul of our shoots.

But sometimes, the wild child within us, feels compelled to explore another world and add something extraordinary and rare to a session - to really take it to the next level!

We have listened and we have learned.

You are welcome to build your own boudoir shoot by adding on a Dusk Beach specialised set to create some ocean goddess, stunning sunset colours, silhouettes and natural beauty to your world, your albums and your wall art!

Our Dusk Beach set is photographed on the beach at Point Vernon Hervey Bay! It is one of the only places on the Australian eastern seaboard where we can see the sun set right over the water!
Our Dusk Beach provides a truly beautiful boudoir sunset beach session to end your special day.

With the gorgeous ocean as our backdrop, the gentle rolling of the waves, rapidly changing light and colours of sunset, our Dusk Beach set is sure to bring a very special element into your gallery and your images.
A classic, natural and beautiful set that is sure to make your heart & soul melt as one with the sun, sea and sand as the last light of day makes way for the gorgeous colours of twilight.

Your Dusk Beach Set upgrade must be purchased as an addition to our Boudoir Bombshell experience! 

Thank you sincerely, for choosing Wild Heart Photography Hervey Bay!

Terms & Conditions

  • Due to technical skill, preparation of equipment, time to build the set, or additional fees that come with certain aspects of the set i.e. lighting, water use, wings and maintenance of wings etc, an upgrade is required to ensure your sets are built to perfection for you and are ready 
  • Set upgrades must be paid for in full, 7 days prior to your session
  • Specialised sets are an upgrade to an existing Boudoir Bombshell session fee.
  • There may or may not, be people on the beach at the time your session is underway. We will not be able to reschedule your dusk beach session if there are others at the shoot location.