We have put together this FAQ page which we hope will assist you in making an informed decision. As always, if you require any further information, we are available to you via the 'contact us' tab, The Wild Heart Collective facebook messenger or email at nik@thewildheartcollective.com 

Information about our exclusive virtual art proofing service, watermarks, products available, product size conversion, what size artwork looks best, recommended artwork sizes & placement, photography, personalised gifts & custom design, wall art collections, caring for resin and timber products, shipping, returns policy and copyright, can all be found here.



You have fallen in love with a Wild Heart Artwork and would love to know how it will work in your space. We can show you how with an instant Wild Heart wall transformation through our virtual proofing service just for you!

Simply email us a photo of your wall (including any furniture/bedding) required to assist with proportion and scale. Let us know the name of your chosen artwork. Leave the rest to us!

Through the magic of Photoshop, we can generate a Wild Heart virtual proof for you to give you a guide as to how it will look in your world! Make sure the photo of your wall is taken front and centre and with as much of the wall as possible to assist us, in generating the most accurate virtual proof for you.

This digital mock up transformation is the perfect solution if you are not sure what size artwork would be best, or even if you are having trouble trying to choose what artwork would be the perfect fit for you and your space, we'd love to suggest some options for you. This part of the process is lots of fun for us too!

Another awesome idea that works beautifully is to purchase an artwork you love - twice! Yes! The same image! One artwork will be displayed in it's original format, the second will be a mirror reverse image. This also works well as it creates cohesion and symmetry. If this is your intention when you purchase, please let us know so we can send a second digital file of one of the artworks, horizontally flipped :)

  Hideaway Bay





 Mirrors in the Sand



Please refer to our Trade Enquiries page on the home page on how we can assist Australian business professionals. We'd love to hear from you so please make contact at nik@thewildheartcollective.com 



These art pieces are all displayed in our online boutique with a watermark in an attempt to protect our precious artworks and photography from image theft. You can rest assured, your chosen painting, will not be printed with any watermarks or with the mock up frame we have presented the artworks with.


Our Professionally Framed Fine Art Prints, Boxed Framed Canvases, Art Mounts (matt prints) and Classic Canvases are printed and supplied by one of Australia's leading professional print labs. I have included some product photos from their galleries to give you an idea of the quality of their workmanship and materials. I am also proud to offer the following homewares and products for you:- 
  • Drink Coasters (originally hand painted)
  • Fruit & Cheese Acacia Wood Boards (originally hand painted)
  • Bamboo serving Trays (originally hand painted)
  • Professionally Framed Fine Art Print: Museum grade 300gsm fine art print on USA made 100% archival cotton photo rag using genuine archival inks with a UK Fine Art Guild certification of 75 years lifespan. This print is then cut to size and mounted into an acid free mat before being mounted into your choice of exceptional, long lasting picture frames in black, white or oak framing. High quality finish including double-washed glass and stainless steel hanging wire. 
  • Classic Canvas: Ready to hang, printed using genuine Canon pigment inks which produce images in high definition with crisp tones and vibrant colours. This ink and canvas combination, has been tested by an independent research lab, to last 75 years without fading! Your canvas is laminated with a coat of UV protective, waterproof & antifungal laminate. Printed on archival grade 450gsm USA made canvas with professional grade finishing to frame and hanging attachments. 75 year lifetime warranty including for accidental damage.
  • Boxed/Floating Framed Canvas - as per the traditional canvas specifications above, the boxed framed canvas also comes with three sleek framing options of white, black & oak. It too comes with a lifetime replacement warranty provided through a 75 year unconditional guarantee so you can buy with confidence!

Here are some photos by our professional print lab of their Boxed Framed Canvas with the canvas print, wrapped in black, white and oak frame to assist with your decision. We have attempted to show this product from a variety of angels so you know exactly how your boxed framed canvas will look - aren't they fabulous?!!



  • The Soul Mate Diptych Collection allows for two complimentary artworks to be designed together using the same colour palette and the same painting technique, however the result is fascinatingly different! It provides an incredible opportunity for a wall art of two pieces that are destined to be together, to be offered to you.  
  • The Family Forever Triptych Collection is a gorgeous set of three artworks that have been designed using the same colour palette and the same painting technique, with beautiful results! A fantastic opportunity to display a wall art series that exist in perfect harmony together.

Our wall art collections are available as Professionally Framed Fine Art Prints, Boxed Framed Canvases and Classic Canvases. Custom designs are welcome!

Our Triptych Collections are also available as Art Mounts.


Our product sizes are listed in inches, to assist in the ordering process with our Australian professional printing lab. To assist you, here is a conversion of inches to centimetres. (There are 2.54cm's to 1 inch)

Please email us if you are having trouble with this and we can resolve this for you in a jiffy!


If you’re unsure of what size will look best in your space, grab some paper and tape and mock up your ideal size on your chosen wall. Bearing in mind, that when it comes to art, bigger is often better! This will give you a great visual perspective and understanding of how your art will look and work for you, in your very own space and in harmony with your existing furnishings and décor.

As a general rule of thumb, when placing art above beds, hallway tables, hutches, buffets or dining tables, your art piece should be centred, and be approximately 70-80% or 2/3's the total width of your furniture.

It should also be approximately 6-12 inches above the top of your bed or tables and at eye height. 

Thank you to Therapeutic Pillow Australia at www.the-pillow.com.au for providing bed & mattress dimensions on standard bed sizes in Australia.

Hallway Table/Front Entry example: If placing artwork above a hallway table approximately 140cm (1400mm) in length, approximately 70-85% of 140cm's, indicates that your artwork needs to be approximately 119cm's wide or 46 inches.

Beds with Bedside Tables: Please consider however if you have bedside tables on either side of your bed increasing your visual length/perception, you may want to contact us to ensure we can personalise an artwork to be accurately positioned and sized for optimal design aesthetics. Please email us at nik@thewildheartcollective.com and even send us a photo of the room in question, with your preferred artwork and we will endeavour to provide a mockup for you of how your chosen artwork will look in your very own space.

To assist with purchasing artwork for walls above bedheads only, we recommend the following available sizes in rectangle orientation.

Single Bed: 16x28 (inches) - 40cm's x 71cm's.

Queen Bed: 24x42 (inches) - 61cm's x 106cm's.

King Bed: 28x50 (inches) - 71cm's x 127cm's OR 33x52 (inches) - 83cm's x 132cm's.

Super King Bed: 33x59 (inches) - 83cm's x 149cm's.

For artworks in square orientation, the following sized artworks would be preferred:-

Single Bed: 27x27 (inches) - 68cm's x 68cm's

King Single Bed: 30x30 (inches) - 76cm's x 76cm's

Double Bed: 40x40 (inches) - 101cm's x 101cm's

Queen Bed: 45x45 (inches) - 114cm's x 114cm's

King Bed: 54x54 (inches) - 137cm's x 137cm's

Super King Bed: 60x60 (inches) - 152cm's x 152cm's


Resin has been carefully applied on our ceramic tile coasters, bamboo serving trays and acacia wood fruit & cheese boards. We apply resin for a crystal clear, gorgeous, thick, glossy topcoat to protect and enhance your one of a kind painting and design. 

We use ArtResin because it is BPA free, certified non-toxic and has been designated safe for direct contact with food by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in the U.S.A. FDA CFR 175.300 states: "Resinous and polymeric coatings may be safely used as the food-contact surface of articles intended for use in producing, manufacturing, packing, processing, preparing, treating, packaging, transporting, or holding food" and can be used as a "functional barrier between the food and the substrate" and "intended for repeated food-contact use.

Art Resin is safe for temperatures under 50 degrees. As a cup of tea or coffee *may* be hotter than this, we recommend not placing any hot beverages directly on your resin covered coasters as it may leave slight distortion, burn or damage marks. While Art Resin is more scratch resistant than scratch proof, using a soft cheese pate type of knife might be ok, using sharp knives with downward force on your resin product will damage your artwork.

Your bamboo serving trays and acacia wood fruit & cheese boards have been designed and created to use as display platters for chilled and room temperature food and beverages and they safe for direct contact with food. Your coasters will look sensational with a cold beverage, soft drink, fresh juice, sparkling water, champagne or cocktail adorning the tops! They will look amazing at your next party or event so be sure to get them out so they can shine and sparkle their brilliant colours all around!

** Our Art Resin & timber products are not safe for use in a microwave & we recommend keeping them away from your dishwasher! **

** Cleaning recommendations:  After using your coasters, serving trays or acacia wood paddle boards, we encourage a gentle clean with a wet cloth or even wiped over with some mild soapy water. Then softly use a tea towel to wipe off any excess moisture & allow to air dry.  A wipe over with mineral oil, bees wax or Australian orange oil occasionally will keep your timber looking amazingly fresh. You can use a window or glass cleaner on your resin. Your gorgeous art works will be good as new and ready to be displayed for your beautiful fruit and cheese platters, cakes, pikelets, scones, vegetable sticks and dips, time and time again. ** 


You will notice when you have a look around these pages, that it is not just abstract art here, but my photography.  I have opened the vault and made these images available for you. There are a variety of seascapes, sunrises, sunsets, beachscapes, a selection of black and whites photographs as well as some destination photographs from our holiday in the USA including Las Vegas, Sedona, Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary in San Francisco Bay and Yosemite National Park.


Why not personalise a piece of art you love and have some song lyrics, quote, saying or prayer that you love, carefully presented over your chosen artwork, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  I would be happy to prepare something for you and email you a proof prior to printing to ensure it meets your needs.


We welcome your requests for your favourite colours in whatever format you please! Your own artwork, soul mate diptych 2 piece collection, family forever triptych 3 piece collection, coasters, bamboo serving tray & cheese board. Please contact me if you would like your own custom piece or a set (i.e. 4 coasters, serving tray & cheese board as well as artwork in coordinating colours). If you find a piece you love and want your very own original, I’d love to create it for you! Please bear in mind that while it is impossible for a fluid artist to exactly replicate the design you have chosen, I can use the same or similar colours, paint and technique to create an equally stunning, yet fascinatingly different and beautiful work of art, just for you. 



Please email us for enquiries about commissioned pieces with an idea of size and preferred colours.

The finished piece will be made available for you - or, alternatively, the piece can be photographed into a reproduction option so it can be printed to any size and as a professionally framed fine art print, art mount, boxed/floating framed canvas or classic canvas.

More information can be found on our Commissioned Artwork page :)


These artworks and customised products make the perfect gift at any time! Birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, mother’s day, father’s day, house warmings, thank you presents, “I’ve just built a new house and need wall art!” or just because.  If you need another reason to purchase your very own Wild Heart artwork, how about ‘the sky is blue’ lol?! What, it is a reason! ;) If you do require a gift in time for a special occasion and would like it sent to the recipient, please send us a message and let us know if you would like your items gift wrapped, a card attached and/or sent via express post. Additional charges may apply for this service so please touch base us with us before you place your order to ensure that we can fulfil your request in a timely and cost effective manner.


Abstract art is a very personal thing and is open to each person's own individual interpretation. Each artwork, whether it is an original painting or a high resolution photograph that has been professionally enhanced for your very own reprint, you can rest assured your piece will look authentic .... you may see the fabric from the canvas, drips of paint or other evidence that your very own artwork, is an original. Embrace any imperfection you may spy - for it forms part of the integrity, character and texture of each artwork which I have lovingly, passionately and happily created with my own hands and my own wild heart.



We are currently offering FREE shipping within Australia!


We have plans to expand into the USA - and soon!! At this time, we only ship within Australia. We are hoping to expand in the near future! You are always welcome to contact us if you are outside of Australia and let us know what you are chasing and we will do all we can to assist you & bring a wild heart artwork into your world :) We will announce when our US online store is ready to accept orders!


Please ensure you select your favourite artwork in the correct sizes. We have provided as much information on our Collection Pages, Product Pages and FAQ Page so that you have all the information you need, to be able to make an informed decision. All sales are final. Your artwork has been carefully and meticulously printed after you have so kindly placed your order. I stand by the exceptional quality and guarantee of these products. However, if an item is damaged during shipment, I am more than happy to arrange a replacement for you, provided you are able to share photos of the damage within 24 hours of delivery.


These designs are protected legally under the Copyright Law of Australia and the Copyright Act 1968.  All designs, paintings, creations and photographs that are owned & created by me, are not to be replicated, photographed, edited, modified, entered into competitions, newspapers or shared online in social media, websites, emails or any other format without my personal express written permission and authority. Any contravention of these Copyright Laws may be considered a breach And may be pursued legally.