Dusk Beach & Bush 1 HOUR Boudoir Shoot!
Dusk Beach & Bush 1 HOUR Boudoir Shoot!
Dusk Beach & Bush 1 HOUR Boudoir Shoot!
Dusk Beach & Bush 1 HOUR Boudoir Shoot!
Dusk Beach & Bush 1 HOUR Boudoir Shoot!
Dusk Beach & Bush 1 HOUR Boudoir Shoot!
Dusk Beach & Bush 1 HOUR Boudoir Shoot!

Dusk Beach & Bush 1 HOUR Boudoir Shoot!

The Wild Heart Collective Australia
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While we adore our classic Boudoir Bombshell sessions in the studio, some of our girls like to embrace the wild child within us! They crave nature and the colour that can be found in our dusk beach & bush shoots!
These sessions are extraordinary and take your shoot to the next level!!! 

Our Dusk Beach & Bush set has been created for some ocean goddess vibes, stunning sunset colours, silhouettes, hazy sunshine in the bush for an abundance of natural beauty for your albums and your wall art!

Timed to perfection in consultation with the weather, tides, sunset and twilight times, our dusk Beach & Bus Sessions are held on the Esplanade at Point Vernon - one of the only places on the Australian eastern seaboard where we can see the sun set right over the water!
Our Dusk Beach provides a truly beautiful boudoir sunset beach session to end your special day.

With the gorgeous ocean as our backdrop, the gentle rolling of the waves, rapidly changing light and colours of sunset, this set is sure to bring a very special element into your gallery and your images.
A classic, natural and beautiful set that is sure to make your heart & soul melt as one with the sun, sea and sand as the last light of day makes way for the gorgeous colours of twilight.

This session is $299 and includes:

* A 90 minute Bombshell Transformation of Professional Hair & Make Up 

 * A strictly 1 hour Dusk Beach & Bush Boudoir Photo Shoot with me!

* 2 sets in 60 minutes!

* FREE use of our flowing fabric or glamour gowns with an assistant!!!

* Our Dream Boudoir Guide

* Complimentary access to our client closet with bodysuits ranging in size from Small to 5XL

* Posing guidance for every body-type!

* $100 print credit towards your Grand Reveal and Ordering Appointment!

* Informative emails from the time of booking right up until after your session so you can feel confident, ready and prepared coming into your session! We explain everything from the timing of your session, what to wear, what to bring, how to prepare and hear stories from other Bombshells who have walked the path before you

* My time to professionally retouch the best images from your session and prepare your client gallery for your grand reveal and ordering appointment

* Your 1 - 2 hour Grand Reveal and Ordering Appointment

Want to only pay $99 for your Dusk Bush & Beach shoot? Simply pay for either of our studio boudoir sessions (A Full Throttle 3 hour Classic Empowerment Shoot or our Limited Edition 1 hour Boudoir Quickie) and simply add this on for $99!!!! 

Approximately 2 weeks later, we'll invite you back for your Grand Reveal and Ordering Appointment where you can buy your favourite photos and make all your purchasing decisions!

Be approved for Payright & prepay your chosen Collection before your shoot to unlock exclusive access to freebies such as a free Dusk Beach shoot, wear our luxe angel wings or score a free print!

You are worth it, you are beautiful and you are precious.

I will hold your hand throughout your session and take care of you :) You have nothing to fear ... and everything to gain!

Thank you sincerely, for choosing Wild Heart Photography Hervey Bay!

Email me at nik@wildheartphotography.com.au if you require further information or if you'd like to get on a phone call with me and we can talk about you dreams & desires Wild Heart!

Thank you sincerely, for choosing Wild Heart Photography Hervey Bay!

Terms & Conditions

  • There may or may not, be people on the beach at the time of your session. We will not be able to reschedule your dusk beach session if there are others at the shoot location.
  • In the event of inclement weather, your shoot may be changed to a 1 hour Boudoir Classic (in studio) Photo Shoot for the same day.
  • This retainer fee is strictly non-refundable as it secures this date especially for you.
  • Shoot must be scheduled & held by 1st November 2022.
  • Your date is held exclusively for you by the Photographer & Makeup Artist, therefore any cancellations result in a forfeiture of your retainer fee.
  • May be transferrable only under exceptional circumstances.
  • Purchase of products is additional and occurs at your Grand Reveal.
  • We appreciate you understanding that all products are deliverable once your collection has been paid in full.
  • Products will not be split & delivered through part payments.
  • Enjoy 5% off your order paid in full at the time of your Grand Reveal & Ordering Appointment!!
  • The minimum investment is $799 and is due prior to or on the day of your Grand Reveal and Ordering Appointment
  • Payment options includes cash, credit card, PayPal and Payright (enjoy now, pay later!)
  • Most Boudoir clients invest anywhere from $1900 up to several thousand for a luxury album, wall art, digital image files or our Striptease in a Box with most clients choosing to spend on average, $4999. Comprehensive investment menu with A La Carte.
  • Clients are required to sign a contract & model release at the time of the session.