Star Trails - LV Western Queensland

Star Trails - LV Western Queensland

The Wild Heart Collective Australia
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Star Trails - LV Western Queensland

Years ago... my husband & I had the good fortune of visiting with relatives who owned a magnificent cattle property in outback Queensland. We absolutely loved the serenity, the stars and the moos. The tranquility, the fresh air and the storms re what we lived for.

One night after dinner, we jumped in our truck to capture a star trail over one of the dam's on the property... I anticipated we would be out anywhere from 2-6 hours - depending on weather.

We pulled up beside the dam, there was a slight breeze, the stars were twinkling in all their magnificence, with not one city light to dull their shine. The perfect country night.

Half way through the shoot, I jumped out of the truck to take out the camera battery and put in a freshly charged one so that it would 'go the distance'.

As I jumped out of the truck with new battery in hand - a horrible pungent dead smell violated the night air - and me, closely followed by my poor nose.

But the car door was open - I was committed.... I held my breath, ran like the wind down to my tripod, exchanged batteries and ran back to the car - to the safety of normal, non contaminated, non dead air smell!

Lesson learned for star trails:- Do recon during the day to ensure all around is ok, safe & perfect - even if the wind changes direction!

Turns out our cattle farmer had unfortunately lost a beast near the dam. Being the cheeky bugger that he was, he thought it would be funny .... not to let me know lol.

This star trail is dedicated ~ to our farmer ... and his beast.


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